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VOIP with CudaTel

Replace your current phone system with CudaTel and save up to 70% on your monthly phone bill.

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Global Edge is a certified Diamond Partner with Barracuda Networks and fully qualified to install your new CudaTel VOIP.



CudaTel VOIP Features

Automatic Phone Provisioning

CudaTel Communication Server includes built in phone provisioning for Polycom and Snom phones. Although any SIP client will work, administrators can choose to automatically deploy supported hardware without touching a phone. User and line assignment, feature and firmware upgrades, automatic — all pushed from the appliance's Web interface.

Call Conferencing

Multi-party call conferencing is supported through conference bridges (meeting rooms or extensions administrators designate as conferences) as well as on-the-fly user initiated multi-party calls.

Group Calling

Extensions, phone numbers and DIDs can be easily be assigned to a group of users.

SIP phone and provider support CudaTel Communication Server supports SIP for both provider services (telephone company) as well as end user devices (phones, software clients). Any SIP compliant service or device can be integrated with the appliance.

Automated Attendant (IVR)

Incoming calls can be automatically handled and processed using the built-in Automated Attendant. Using an intuitive Web interface, administrators can configure the flexible engine to ring specific extensions, groups of users, direct to system functions or off-site phone lines, consider time of day and user presence and schedule.

Native phone line hardware integration

Option models of the CudaTel Communication Server come preconfigured and optimized with best-of-breed telephony company integration (TDM) hardware. All optional systems come with onboard echo cancellation, and support for 4 analog incoming lines up to quad T1s.

Call monitoring, barging, and bridging

Administrators or enabled users may monitor system calls, interrupt calls, and merge multiple calls together.

Web-based performance and usage statistics

Monitoring system calls, usage, performance is easy with the Web interface's performance dashboard. Administrators can view time based graphs and call data to assist in gauging telephone company line and system usage.

Web-based administrative interface

CudaTel Communication Server features an intuitive Web-based interface, making any system configuration and setup option as easy as a few clicks. System functions are broken down into five easy-to-understand screens that make setting up the system easy, simple, and quick.

High definition voice quality

Using supported phones, the CudaTel Communication Server provides unmatched voice quality. High Definition (near cd-quality) audio is delivered through the G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1c codecs.

Call recording

Administrators can set policy to record incoming, outgoing, or all calls associated with a user, group, location, or system. On-board storage is used and additional storage can be integrated using an NFS or SMB share.

Call routing

Incoming and outgoing calls can be routed based on administrator preference. Operations such as dialing prefixes, least cost routing, and off-system PBX integration can be seamlessly integrated to minimize user confusion.

Scheduled call routing

Calls can be follow a path or route based on time of day, day of week, or arbitrary schedule.


Users can be located using the CudaTel Communication Server's follow-me features. Multiple phones and lines are run at the same time, falling back to a unified voice mail system, assuring road warriors and business travelers can always be reached, while giving the caller the impression of a fully integrated business phone.

Call parking

Calls can be temporarily parked or stored for pick-up from other system users.

Active Directory and LDAP integration

CudaTel Communication Server integrates with LDAP deployments such as Windows Active Directory and Novell e-Directory. Integration makes user import, sync, membership, and authentication automatic, preventing manual entry errors and enabling seamless integration with business IT systems.

Local Users, Groups, and Policy

Administrators can choose to setup and deploy users, groups and policy locally on the box. If using built-in system DHCP, the CudaTel Communications Server is the only network appliance needed on the LAN.

Automatic Extension and phone number (DID) assignment

LDAP synced and local users can be automatically assigned extensions and phone numbers (DIDs) - saving valuable administrator time and system configuration errors.

Multi-site integration

Mutiple Communication Servers can be linked to multiple sites or locations for an integrated multi-site single phone system.

Encrypted VOIP support

As voice security becomes a great security threat, the CudaTel Communication Server has integrated technology to encrypt voice transactions. With supported phones and built-in Secure RTP and TLS support, voice calls can be encrypted and secured -- assuring hackers are not monitoring calls on the network.