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Global Edge offers a free consultation to businesses in Calgary who want to learn more about how SharePoint can meet their document management and communication needs.

What is a SharePoint site?

A SharePoint site is a web site that provides a central storage and collaboration space for documents, information, and ideas. A SharePoint site is a tool for collaboration, just like a telephone is a tool for communication, or a meeting is a tool for decision making. A SharePoint site helps groups of people (whether work teams or social groups) share information and work together. For example, a SharePoint site can help you:

  • Coordinate projects, calendars, and schedules.

  • Discuss ideas and review documents or proposals.

  • Share information and keep in touch with other people.

SharePoint sites are dynamic and interactive -- members of the site can contribute their own ideas and content as well as comment on or contribute to other people's.

Free SharePoint Consultation

Global Edge offers a free consultation to businesses who want to learn more about how SharePoint can meet their document management and communication needs.

We provide expertise in ...

  • SharePoint installation and server configuration.

  • Custom site design to ensure your SharePoint site fits with your corporate branding.

  • SharePoint programming, including workflow solutions with InfoPath.

  • Ensuring your site's privacy and security.

  • Backup solutions.

  • Training your staff on the site's administration features and how to update and maintain your site.


What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. Benefits of using SharePoint for Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Provides easily and powerful way to automate various processes involved in the organization

  • Provides single solution to various solutions like Sales Monitoring System, Project tracking, HR System etc.

  • SharePoint can make organization have various sites for the global branches (with local/global language and other personalization settings) under one umbrella and that also in no time

  • SharePoint includes very effective workflow management

  • SharePoint provides easy, secure and powerful document management system

  • SharePoint also provides powerful search mechanism to meet the search needs across various lines of business

What are SharePoint Workflows?

Workflows help people to collaborate on documents and to manage project tasks by implementing business processes on documents and items in a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 site. Workflows help organizations to adhere to consistent business processes, and they also improve organizational efficiency and productivity by managing the tasks and steps involved in business processes. This enables the people who perform these tasks to concentrate on performing the work rather than managing the workflow.

Why Use SharePoint?

IT Professionals: SharePoint 2010 helps you cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher priorities.

Developers: SharePoint 2010 helps you build custom applications and components to rapidly respond to business needs.

End Users: SharePoint 2010 helps you share ideas and expertise and find the right business information to make better decisions. More about SharePoint ...


Michelle Rodgerson from Birchcliff Energy writes:
I would like to commend Global Edge in providing Birchcliff with our SharePoint Intranet. This has grown to include not only our "Birchcliff Backyard" but IT Help Desk, IT CSOX tracking, as well as Compliance Calendaring and workflows. Having all our important information in a central, easy to access portal has streamlined how we track projects and compliance dates.
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Guy Bolton from Oilflow Solutions writes:
I would like to thank the Global Edge team in providing Oilflow Solutions with a custom SharePoint portal which has revolutionized our data gathering and process systems. The design and layout of the master pages utilize the same look and feel as our website as "branding" is important to our corporate image.
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SharePoint Case Studies

Statoil Improves Collaboration, Information Management with Portal Software

Statoil, an international energy company, wanted to make it easier for its employees, who are located in 40 countries, to access and share information. Statoil is conducting a pilot implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for global collaboration, and expects the solution to provide its users with access to information at any time, help boost efficiency, and ensure the integrity of the company's information.
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Chesapeake Energy Enhances Content Management with Software Upgrade

Chesapeake Energy wanted to enhance its document and web content management capabilities. It chose to begin the transition of its intranet and Internet sites to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. With the solution, the company plans to standardize on a common development platform, and it expects to improve efficiency and boost the reliability of its services. Thus far, the company has experienced a smooth, trouble-free migration.
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Eastman Chemical Company Avoids $4.3 Million in Capital Costs with Better Asset Management

Eastman Chemical Company is a global chemical company with manufacturing plants around the world. In those plants are tens of thousands of pieces of capital equipment, from pumps to power generators, all of which need to be carefully managed to maximize uptime and performance and minimize maintenance costs. Eastman recently replaced an older capital asset management software program with a custom system built in just four months using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. By authoring the new system itself, Eastman avoided spending U.S.$350,000 on a commercial program. Plus, Eastman calculates that it is avoiding $4.3 million in annual capital expenses through better asset management. Further, it will speed up capital project cycles significantly and reduce server costs by 60 percent.
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