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Global Edge provides IT support to businesses in the Calgary area. What IT credentials does your support team have?

Our Calgary team of highly skilled professionals brings you over 35 years combined experience in the Information Technology industry. Our network expertise and experience helps us implement the perfect communication solutions for your unique business needs.

Our Calgary network technicians are experts in firewall configuration and installation, server installation and configuration, Microsoft Certified, Oracle, Object Oriented Programming, Blackberry (BES) servers, Wireless Networking, software installation and support, specialized support for various oil and gas software programs.

What IT network areas does Global Edge specialize in?

  • Network Installation & Support

  • Managed Firewall Services

  • MS Exchange

  • MS SharePoint

  • Virtual Private Networks

  • Invasion Protection - Antivirus and Antispam

  • Custom Built Computers

  • Computer Sales & Leasing

  • Data Backup

  • Blackberry

  • Database Support

  • Integrated Solutions

  • 24/7 Support

We are moving our office to a new location in Calgary. Can you move our entire corporate network for us?

Yes, we are very experienced in moving entire computer networks. We use a systematic approach which includes dealing with all aspects of the network move:

  • Ensuring the new workspace will have the needed network jacks, cabling, server room, firewall, Internet service

  • labelling all computers and related equipment so that everyone gets their proper equipment at the new office

  • working after hours and on weekends to ensure your company experiences minimal downtime.

Can you upgrade our MS Exchange Server?

Yes, we provide the following MS Exchange services:

  • Exchange server support

  • Install and Configure Exchange

  • Support and Troubleshoot Exchange

  • Exchange server Baseline Audits

  • Exchange clustering and backup

  • Exchange Backup & Recovery

  • Multiple exchange server configurations

  • Backup Mail servers

More details on our complete Calgary Exchange services on our Exchange Calgary page.

Can you monitor our network?

Can you monitor our network?

Global Edge Systems & Wireless Inc. provides managed service providers (MSPs) with industry-leading software to remotely service small and medium-sized business customers.

  • faster implementation of IT resources

  • higher levels of security and reliability within the IT environment

  • lowered operating costs and improved ROI

  • more efficient management of in-house resources and personnel

  • better systems performance

  • less downtime and better customer service

Regular maintenance of your network is a preventative measure that protects you against major meltdowns like failing hard drives, lost data, slow or full mail servers. Global Edge can provide daily and/or weekly maintenance that is appropriate to the scope of your network.

Maintenance may include:

daily tasks

  • Verify Backups on a daily basis.

  • Check Event Logs for underlying issues.

  • Disk integrity checks on all servers.

  • Monitor storage availability.

  • Resource monitoring

weekly tasks

  • Verify Backups by performing limited restore from tape.

  • Verify raid drives are good and fans are operational. Check for overheating and any environmental issues.

  • Check Event Logs for underlying issues.

  • Disk integrity checks on all servers.

  • Monitor storage availability.

  • Resource monitoring.

Can you help us implement an IT disaster recovery plan?

Yes we can. This plan can include local backup of data to full redundant servers off-site. We can help you achieve your SLA on everything from files to email.

Read more about IT Disaster Recovery.

Do you have an online IT help desk?

Yes, for our regular customers we install an online trouble-ticket system so they can report any ongoing IT issues. Our technicians are immediately notified by email of any new concerns, and their response and resolution of the problem is recorded in the online help desk. Our customers love it. It's a great way for us and our customers to keep track of all of the computer, network, and Internet concerns that arise and to ensure that each issue is resolved in a timely manner.

Do you offer after hours IT network support in Calgary?


Can you help us to reduce or eliminate all of the spam we get?

Yes, Global Edge is committed to providing you with the most advanced and comprehensive Internet security solutions available. Our anti-spam server solution reduces spam by up to 99%.