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DRaaS — Disaster Recovery as a Service

Global Edge's backup and disaster recovery solution in Calgary protects your data, applications, and IT infrastructure from network downtime. Our backup and disaster recovery-as-a-service cloud platform solution is built from the ground up using state of the art tools.

For DRaaS, we can provide a number of logistical solutions based on your current IT infrastructure and budget:

  • at your remote location

  • at a remote location provided by Global Edge

  • at your main location using a VMWare Hyper-V server replication to create a private DRaaS solution

How it Works

Protect files, folders, applications or entire systems

Protect not only your critical data, but also your applications and all systems in your IT environment with our backup and disaster recovery solution. Our backup and disaster recovery solution creates a fully-deduplicated mirror of your business locally and in the cloud so that you can easily access and recover files, folders, applications, servers and even your entire office with a click—and it takes less than 5 minutes to setup using our detect-and-protect technology.

Say goodbye to expensive backup and disaster recovery software, deduplication hardware, applications plug-ins, and cloud backup services. Whether you’ve got customized applications that your business relies on, or SQL or Exchange servers, Global Edge has you covered. Now that’s true peace of mind.

Application Continuity and Data Recovery

Global Edge gives you backup and disaster recovery that works. Global Edge's backup and disaster recovery solution offers granular recovery options, system snapshots, bare metal restores and full virtualization.

When a server crashes, a virus destroys files, or an outage leaves your office unavailable you can continue working by using local and cloud recovery functionality. "Backup" is about recovery, after all, which is why Global Edge makes it simple to recover anything and everything in minutes and keep your employees productive at all times no matter what happens. Failover servers locally or in the cloud, or virtualize your entire IT environment with only a few clicks. Now you can say goodbye to application downtime with Global Edge's backup and disaster recovery solution.

Physical and Virtual

Global Edge protects physical and virtual environments with one backup and disaster recovery solution. Windows, Mac, Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, XenServer—pick a flavor. We protect it. Global Edge automatically identifies all devices connected to your network and suggests protection profiles for physical, virtual servers, as well as laptops and workstations. When it comes time to recover, restore data locally or from the cloud, light up a corrupted or failed application, or restore an image to bare metal or a virtual environment. Protection has never been this easy with our backup and disaster recovery solution.


Meet your Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives with our backup and disaster recovery solution.

With patented Reverse Incremental backup and disaster recovery solution technology, you can be certain all your recovery points are full recovery points that can quickly be accessed, searched or restored from. Whether you need to restore an old version of a file, an object from a corrupted database, a failed application, an entire system image or even your whole office, we do it in seconds or minutes. We go beyond backup and disaster recovery to give you RPO and RTO that exceeds your business goals.


Global Edge's Partners

Global Edge is proudly partnered with Zerto and Axcient to provide custom disaster recovery solutions.

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