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With clients in the dental industry, including medical centers, and even small private practice offices, Global Edge has the skills necessary to serve the IT needs of your organization. We understand that the stability and security of your systems are critical in serving your patients. We have many highly satisfied clients serving their patients, and we would love the opportunity to make you a very satisfied client as well. Give us a call today to learn more.

ABELDent software

Global Edge has teamed up with ABELDent, providers of clinical and practice management software, to provide IT support for dentists in the Calgary area.

ABELDent Portal

Envision a secure place on the web where your patients and practice can communicate 24/7/365. A place where patients can request appointments, verify appointment times, due dates or outstanding treatment. A convenient mechanism for staff to confirm appointments, send reminders and easily manage cancellations. Everyone benefits from anytime, anywhere communication.

  • ABELDent provides dental practices with superior clinical and practice management functionality for patient management, billing, scheduling, reporting and more! Take a look at some of the features in ABELDent!

  • ABELDent for hygienists offers all the features you need to record and maintain patient history, manage appointments and recalls, handle billing and payments, and more!

  • ABELDent-Integrated Services - a range of services designed to help you dramatically increase your net income and office efficiency.

  • Personal Training - ABELDent offers flexible training options to meet your needs. We can train you by Internet or in your office.

  • Ongoing learning is always a good investment. Our expert trainers will help your team improve productivity in key areas and reduce your need for telephone support.

  • World-Class Support - ABELDent support is available 24/7/365. We offer the most responsive and cost-effective support available, with flat rate and pay-for-use payment options.

ABELSoft Inc., A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner has been dedicated to providing software solutions to healthcare professionals in Canada and US since 1977. One of the pioneers in the dental and medical practice management software industry, ABEL continues to strive for continuous improvement in product, training and support through a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals who work endlessly to serve the customers better.

Dr. Kate Bazydlo (Dentist) and Diane Zizic (Administrative Assistant) of Winston Churchill Dental share their views and experience of using ABELDent, Canada's leading dental software to manage their practice efficiently.

Features of the ABELDent Clinical and Practice Management Software

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment schedule is the administrative hub of your ABELDent system - Day to day tasks are all just a click away! Whether you have 1 provider or 45, our scheduler can be configured to your specifications. It offers a variety of display options for single and multiple users, colour coding by appointment type and/or by provider, premedication and appointment status flags and much more.

ABELDent scheduler has a Privacy mode which hides confidential information in high traffic areas of the practice.

Clinical Charting

ABELDent's electronic charting is comprehensive and can easily replace charting on paper. Clinical data, once certified, is a permanent and secure part of the patient record. ABELDent's Chart is feature-rich and easy to use. Post conditions and planned treatment to a secure, permanent record. Create and track multi-phase, multiple option treatment plans. Maintain thorough, legible progress notes in just seconds using a customizable library of situation-specific notes.


Improved in-office communication is one of the greatest benefits of a networked ABELDent system. ABEL-OC, our easy to use office messaging system is better than a hard-wired communication system and is included FREE with our software. Inform clinicians when a patient arrives, the dentist when a hygienist is ready for a patient check and appropriate staff when a patient will be late or clinical staff need extra time with a patient. All of this can be done with ABEL-OC.

Treatment Management

Prevent unscheduled treatment from getting lost in your charts. Track outstanding treatment and filter by provider, procedure or other criteria to focus your scheduling efforts. Track scheduling preferences, follow-up attempts and your patient's past cancelled/missed/changed appointments to help keep your schedule full and your days predictable.

Electronic Claims

Most practices agree that electronic claims solutions have increased their financial efficiency and increased their ability to collect from patients. ABELDent is compatible with iTrans claims submission, modem claims submission or a combination of both.

Financials And Insurance

ABELDent can adapt to the financial needs of almost any practice. It supports several models for sharing revenue among owner dentists, associate dentists and hygienists. ABELDent provides excellent support for insurance assignment and is equally effective for practices that do not accept assignment. ABELDent uses powerful and flexible financial tracking that far surpasses the industry standard. Patients have fewer questions and pay more promptly when they can view their financial obligation on a per procedure basis.

Image Management

ABELDent captures and stores images from a wide variety of sources. As an independent company, we integrate with products from many vendors so that you can choose the products that best meet your needs and budget.

No digital x-rays? No problem. In ABELDent you can store intraoral photos, Clinical photos, or digital films forwarded from another practice.

Patient Records

The ABELDent patient record is secure and easy to use. All information about a patient is in one easy to navigate record- no changing “modules” to access one person’s data. Authorized users have quick access to appointments, treatment history, insurance information, financial and clinical records. ABELDent's user interface keeps important information close at hand. For example, the At A Glance panel displays contact, treatment and financial information for a patient while you move through the patient's record.

System Security

ABELDent Authorization Manager allows you to control and track which users can access dozens of system features. ABELDent tracks and reports important changes in data including changed or deleted financial records. Authorization manager keeps your patient information safe and private and complies with Regulatory body requirements

Reporting And Analysis

It's said that you can only improve what you measure. ABELDent helps you track and measure practice productivity in dozens of areas. Monitor practice growth, demographic trends and provider capacity and productivity. Check recall retention, compare production between two time periods, ensure that you meet collections targets and much more.

Patient Education

ABELDent includes Optio Dentistry™ patient education software at no cost. Optio Dentistry™ includes dozens of 3D animations of common dental problems and procedures to help patients understand your recommended treatment.

Software Integration

ABELDent has developed integrations for a variety of third party imaging software products.