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Global Edge Systems & Wireless Inc. makes migration to Cloud IT in Calgary seamless and stress-free. We have helped many companies migrate smoothly to Cloud Data Storage and IT Services. Our expert team eliminates the difficulty and cost required to manage and maintain your own equipment. Our service frees up your limited resources to focus on more important issues like running your business. We provide IT support to suit all business needs and budgets.

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Help us understand your business and requirements so that we can recommend the best Cloud IT Solution for you.

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Benefits of Cloud Services

Cost Reduction

The first benefit of Cloud IT is definitely in cost reduction. You only pay for exactly what you use, without ever having to worry about things like additional HW and SW expenses, servers running with only 20% loads, and of course the never ending costs of maintenance and supervision.

Budget Control

Global Edge Cloud support helps you better control your budget through constant and predictable costs. It's simply a utility based model, just like paying for your electricity and heating where you will have a full communication and collaboration solution that's always up-to-date and up and running only for a license per month basis and nothing more.


As 82% of the worlds online population use social networks daily, and as 3 out of 4 employees are always on the go. End-to end communication and collaboration tools have been proven to be essential to driving a successful business. Our cloud solution gives you a full and tightly integrated communication platform for emails, portals, live meetings and conferencing.


Through a SAS 70 Type II Datacenter, a 99.999% availability SLA and all managed through a single web based management console that groups the entire solution under one roof. Productivity just can’t be higher than that.

Increased IT Efficiency

Since migrating to the Cloud means that you will only pay for what you use and that you will free IT Resources from time and money consuming tasks. Businesses will automatically generate a higher business value and enable their IT Resources to focus on creating, managing and driving business solutions with confidence, while resting assured that their IT Assets are hosted by an enterprise level- SAS 70 type II — datacenter that is hosting more than 500,000 other emails to 20,000 organizations around the world.

Top-Level Security

Almost all SMBs have experienced the pain of losing critical data in some way or another or are taking a huge risk by not having a top of the line Security and Backup Solution that they are very much aware of. Sky Office fixes this issue once and for all by being a guaranteed solution that’s built with top of the line, multilayered security infrastructures, with full protection and redundancy on all levels and weekly, daily, and instant backups taking place.

We provide a secure platform that no SMB would be able to match in such a multi layered model and for an overall price that’s multiple times less than in-house solutions.

High-end Products

Staying up-to-date with the latest solutions in the market is essential yet requires high budgets that require extensive planning and forecasting to assure a minimum waste in resources. Global Edge gives you the latest in Cloud services and confirms that you will always have the most updated products without ever worrying about planning and budgeting for them and absolutely no waste in resources ever! You always have the best, and the most recent, for the same utility-based price of license per month and on top of that you can always delete or add licenses instantly, without waiting for yearly agreements.

Leading Support

Lastly, our Microsoft Certified Technical Support team is available 24/7 and all year round via phone, email or chat. We are glad to take the load off your back and support your office around the clock.

Types of Cloud Hosted IT Solutions

public cloud PUBLIC CLOUD

This is based on standard IT Cloud Storage and Services. Services, applications and storage are made available to users over the Internet "as a service" on a Pay Per Use model. These are appealing to businesses due to the fact they reduce complexity and lead times because the underlying architecture is fixed, so there is less scope for customization for security and performance. There are many types of Public Cloud, the most common being Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platforms. The economies of scale make this type of service highly attractive.

Business Recommendation

This is ideal for companies that need to bring a service to market quickly, have less regulatory hurdles or are looking to outsource part or all of their IT requirements. A business can simply start using Cloud Storage and Services and other services immediately.


Private cloud requires an engagement from both the management and IT department to virtualize the business environment. In this environment, there is advanced security, high availability and/or fault tolerant solutions that are not possible in a public cloud. Building a private cloud involves a significant investment and also requires an evaluation of how existing resources should be reallocated. This model does not deliver shorter-term economies like public cloud.

Business Recommendation

The Private Cloud Storage is ideal for organizations that must comply with strict regulations or that have highly critical applications. In this model, businesses install their own server and storage hardware but have the flexibility to shift workloads among servers as usage spikes or they deploy new applications.

hybrid cloud HYBRID CLOUD

This model combines private and public Cloud Storage and Services. Typically a business might run an application primarily on a private cloud, but rely on a public cloud to accommodate spikes in usage. Customized rules and policies govern areas such as security and the underlying infrastructure, with tasks allocated to internal or external Cloud Storage and Cloud Services.

Business Recommendation

This is ideal for e-commerce or critical applications because the company relies on response to fluctuations in traffic and workload. This hybrid Cloud solution represents the best of both worlds as you can place different tasks in the private or public cloud to meet business demands.

Azure Cloud Services

As the cloud application platform for Microsoft, Azure is essential for small and mid-sized businesses with data storage needs that overcome on-premises server capabilities.

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Office 365 will transform the way your organization works. Office 365 gives your organization virtually anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on, plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer.

office 365 in the cloud

Your complete office in the cloud. Plans for every business size and need.

Easy to set up and use.

  • Install and deploy quickly.

  • Set up new user accounts in seconds.

  • Get updates automatically. The Office tools you rely on are always up to date.

Work from anywhere

  • Get virtually anywhere access on select mobile devices.

  • Work on your Office files online or offline.

Worry-free IT

  • Stay safe with built-in anti-malware and anti-spam protection.

  • Count on a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed SLA.

  • Focus your IT resources on other projects.

  • Backup everything in the cloud.


With Global Edge Systems & Wireless Inc. in Calgary, you will have a plan and avoid data loss. We ensure that Cloud IT protects your company. You will use a multi-level Enterprise redundant data cloud storage onsite and in the cloud. Data safety and integrity is an essential component of all corporate infrastructures. Data can be lost or corrupted due to hard disk drives corruption, hacker intrusion or a plain mistake. All data is maintained in a ISO certified Canadian data center.

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